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   When entering the Internet era, all the exchange of information have become quick and agile, but also changed the form of interaction between people and people and goods. No doubt, these changes gradually permeates the in the water purification industry. The so-called Opportunities will always be those who are prepared, water purification agents can play an active set foot on the Internet platform to strengthen O2O distribution channels, we believe that the pace of development of water purification industry will be one step closer.




+ Internet era: the more necessary to strengthen communication between the water purification agents (Photo from Internet)

   water purification industry development into the fast lane

   with the continuous expansion of the water purification industry, more and more companies and investors see a broad market prospects, have joined in, making the industry expanded rapidly; in water pollution growing, home water purification urgent today, home water purifier water appliances and even home field worthy of the star product, while adding sales agents, for the industry is to increase the fresh blood, and promoting industry growth. According to official data predicted that my countrys future space water purifier market will exceed $ 100 billion Thus, the development of fierceness.

   between the docking intensify dealers

   In the Internet age, the speed of information exchange becomes very quickly, sometimes opportunity is fleeting, therefore, water purification companies should use the Internet this Dongfeng field, step up contact with water purifier manufacturers, such as water purifier companies can take advantage of promotional activities for investment, training will, the three will be the promotion of unity wealth through activities in the market, so that the old agents to explain the successful experience of the agent and stories, enhance mutual exchanges and understanding of the market, new business through promotions will learn and copy, increase market experience, and secondly, from time to time held technical training, sales techniques, the most basic is every year to the countrys net water heater dealer training from time to time to learn, not only to promote the companies and distributors exchanges and cooperation, but also an experience exchange between each other dealers, the best opportunity to deepen understanding.

   by means of the Internet, industry experts point out that speed up the dealer for water purifier market knowledge and understanding, strengthen the distributors of exchange of learning, it is necessary, the development of water purification industry growth, need more the market experienced dealers to join, formUnified industry market awareness, the development of the whole industry has a role in promoting.

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