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  Tim net water purifier recommendation of the royal drink packages: Tim net water purification Views: 398 Time: 2017-5-17 9:41:54 Tim net water purifier since Labor Day, launched several sets of concessions for dealers policies, such as 10 sets to send a set of full, full 100,000 back to 5000 activities, products direct profit, offers to dealers. Tim net water purifier latest royal drink packages, that is, in a number of preferential policies. Yu Tim drink package includes a net pre-purifier TQ-P1, Tim net water machine TZ-HRO2, tim-speed net heat pipeline machine TG-G6. 鎭噣鍑€姘村尽楗椁愭帹鑽? /> Royal drink package is for the user to launch a new drinking water purification water of

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