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   Because of environmental problems in recent years frequently, and how to create a healthier living environment has become the focus of attention of ordinary people in their daily home life. Market a variety of water purifiers household water also garb guardian of health, with the hype, to inculcate a variety of new technologies and new ideas, it seems from the water purifier, life will be a few mouthfuls of water damage out. You pay a lot skepticism, moved a home, but do not know it in the end be able to play a role as not like the brochure written by ......

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   Water is the bodys largest intake of substances, compared with food, drinking water is a problem if, greater harm to the human body. To prevent the "disease from the mouth", we must first ensure the safety of drinking water, especially for the incomplete development of the digestive system of infants and weak absorptive capacity of the elderly, drinking water safety is particularly important. Since 2007, the implementation of "drinking water health standards", the monitoring of drinking water include microbial, chemical and sensory security in three areas, people are taught from an early age not to drink unboiled water, water in the process of boiling is sufficient to destroy microorganisms clean, So little microbiological hazards in drinking water safety issues. Those three elements, the most that can directly reflect the sensory properties of water quality problems, if your home water color, odor, or has not suspended particles, it must not be regarded as a safe source of drinking water. In addition, the chemical composition and radioactive substances contained in the water have a strict limit on the number.

   In order to ensure microbiological, chemical and sensory properties to drinking water standards, when tap water has been purified accepting process. State Council Development Research Center researcher Yang Su Beijing, for example, that the water quality of manufactured Chinese first-tier cities has reached a world-class national standards, first-tier cities residents a stronger sense of quality and safety, the main source of water purification equipment sales are also first-tier cities. Instead, the four-tier cities, the lack of quality standards for the implementation of effective supervision, weak awareness of water safety of residents, water quality and worrying.

   In addition, the factory water quality compliance in the process of delivery to your home, it is also faced with the problem of secondary pollution. But the reason most out on the pipe, municipal water pipelines and residential buildings are likely to cause water contamination during transport. Based on the above phenomenon, poor water quality situation in the region, it is necessary to prepare a home water purifier.

   Under the influence of high-profile commercial propaganda, it seems that as long as detached and "quality" wordThe questions need to run for a water purifier. Reporters visited the market found that "water quality" in the eyes of some consumers is the home of tap water too much scale. State Council Development Research Center researcher Yang Su said, according to domestic water needs, if only for household water hardness is too high, install a water softener is sufficient.

   and the United States water purification project director Zheng instrument army believes that the current market is facing the biggest problem drinking three points, from a consumer perspective, their understanding of knowledge and knowledge of healthy drinking water purification products also not in-depth, easy to be pompous slogan confused; water purification industry brand names, of varying quality, many products of product quality and service can not keep up; regulators face of the industrys management should also be strengthened.

   General Director of the Consumer Protection Bureau TERM ROTATION issues on the current market water purifier are summarized. More common is the hype of the new concept of science and technology, product features hype of magic, such as a cure-all, etc.; Description Identifies water purifier inconsistent with the actual, not up to standard in the water purification effect; part of the water purifier material quality problems, in which harmful substances into drinking water, causing secondary pollution.


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   innumerable water purification equipment, consumers how to choose? Project director of the US Army-water purifier Zheng believes that ordinary consumers can take part in net organized by public organizations water, drinking water knowledge activities to learn more about the current situation of water supply security of the region they live, understand the concept of healthy drinking water; for manufacturers exaggerated statement to stay awake, only a water purifier to improve the quality of drinking water for household appliances, does not have the cure the role. Water supply situation is very different in various regions of China, the US water purification products based on water quality in different areas, developed a household water purification products for different water sources. In order to ensure quality of service, the United States in the country built more than 3,000 service outlets provide 24-hour on-site service, including filter replacement, maintenance and other after-sales service.

   near Lee Hall Patio water purifier brand manager is advised consumers to make more use of domestic water purifier brand, water purification products abroad pair is generally based on the local hydrological research and development, they on the development of filter technology and the combination is more for local water quality, clean water and the current foreign brands in the domestic sales situation is not ideal, although sales volume is not everything, but that means more spendingJointly choice.

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