Watch user pain point of waterurificionroducts rapid novion

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  Heavy chaos in the market, there are many water filter companies based on consumer demand to enhance the innovation and development of products more environmentally friendly, more intelligent, while eliminating consumer pain points gained market recognition. Development

   sort of visible water purification equipment, products continue to change iterations have to replace the filter tips and real-time monitoring of products, comes with automatic filter cleaning function to extend the service life of products, but also more environmentally friendly and more humane intelligent filters and other products .


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   In 2006, drinking fountains, represented by products accounted for more than 95% market share. As consumers upgrade to the health and safety requirements of drinking and bottled water quality, water is difficult to track, there is inconvenience to replace flawed, water purification machines gradually entering the public view. By 2015, water purifier sales have exceeded sales drinking fountains, and market share continued to rise. Currently, the safety of drinking water on the basis of demand, consumers want safe drinking water can be more convenient, can monitor the real-time water quality, timely observe the cleanliness of drinking water, the water quality monitoring of products is also increasing. In addition, due to consumer feedback water purifier smaller storage capacity, large water storage models are also gradually increasing. With the increased functionality of the product terminal price is also rising. Currently, the average price of a water purifier is close to 3300 yuan, and by 2010 nearly doubled compared.

   AO Smith (China) water purification products division is responsible for national sales, said Wang Yi, activated carbon and microfiltration products on the market focuses on solving the problem of excessive water, sediment and bacteria compared to the use of anti penetration of technology products are mainly focused on the removal of heavy metals exceeded. A.O. Smith pain point combined with market demand, focus on the development of water quality monitoring, filter replacement prompts, extended filter replacement cycle and ultra-quiet products. The company market share on the rise is the best consumer support for business motives. A.O. Smith voted to build a super environment electrical research and production base scheduled to start in early 2018, water purifier production capacity will reach 1.4 million units.

   It is understood that Amway water purifier using activated carbon filter, while removing the contaminants more than 150, may also be better retained calcium and magnesium concentration in the water to prevent mineral drinking water due to the low result body electrolyte imbalance phenomenon.

   combined with consumer feedback, the PRC believes, from the short term, a large flux of water purifier market will be an important direction of development. Meanwhile, the market for low-waste than other energy-saving requirements are also increasing. "With the rapid growth in ownership of the market, and continuously improve product energy performance both for the protection and utilization of water resources in China in terms of post-consumer or the cost of maintenance problems, the companies are the industry must be considered." Zhongyi Shi Ting Kang, general manager of electric kitchen further suggested that in the future, water will become a standard in the kitchen. In the process of embedding the kitchen, it is required to reserve space purifier to the cabinet, while the height of the water purification products will integrate with other electric kitchen cupboard in appearance and function settings.

   in the high-end level of demand, domestic hot water system will be more collections, water purification systems will be rapid development. "Only through a comprehensive clean water, to be able to raise the overall quality of home appliances water." Shi Ting pointed out that although the whole house water purification high-end demand, but the audience simply can not fully meet consumer goods of daily domestic water demand, the market for water purification needs of the whole house will be further highlighted.

   In Shi Ting view, change in product innovation, a heavy user, strong service, the development is the focus of the sound development of industries and enterprises, only more business through the development of self-discipline in order to promote the industry sustainable development.

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