Sharp decline in the market under water purifilwhy A.O. Smit

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   under water purifier market with most home appliances line similar category, in March there was a substantial decline year on year.





   notes that nail technology, Orville cloud network (AVC) data show that in March 2020 under the cleaner line market retail volume of 2.92 million units, retail sales of 1.18 billion yuan, down by 66.16% and 66.64%, respectively.



   However, the overall decline in the market for the brand impact is not the same. Nail Technology noted that, whether it is sales or sales volume, AO Smith and beauty are located in the first two, and has a good year increase, especially AO Smith, an increase of 10.38% in terms of sales volume, sales in terms of an increase of 6.96%, before becoming 10 brands in the highest brand grew.

   the United States in terms of the amount of volume, an increase of 3.78 per cent and 3.12 percent respectively, also performed well.

   In contrast, the third and fourth Patio, Angel fell varying degrees in terms of the amount, wherein Angel decreased greatly.


   price trends, sales volume terms, 999 yuan the following price range accounted for only 0.21%, down 0.12% year on year; 1000-1999 yuan price range accounted for 4.18 percent, an increase of 1.65%; price range 2000-2999 yuan accounted for 11.75%, up 5.96%; price range 3000-3999 yuan accounted for 27.92 percent, the biggest drop year on year, 10.35%; 4000-4999 yuan accounted for 19.92 percent, down 6% ; 5000-5999 yuan accounted for 13.74%, down 2.45% year on year; 6000-6999 yuan accounted for 13.17 percent, the largest increase year on year, to 6.57%; 7000-7999 yuan accounted for 8.02 percent, up 4.75%; accounted for more than 8,000 yuan price range ratio of 1.08%, down 0.01 percent.


   aspects of sales 999 yuan price rangeAccounted for only 1.02%, down 0.74%; 1000-1999 yuan price range accounted for 10%, an increase of 3.93%; price range 2000-2999 yuan accounted for 17.31 percent, the largest year on year growth rate of 8.1%; 3000-3999 yuan price interval highest proportion, 30.98%, the biggest drop year on year, 10.49%; 4000-4999 yuan accounted for 17.51 鈥嬧€媝ercent, down 5.61 percent year on year; 5000-5999 yuan accounted for 10.09%, down 1.81% year on year; 6000-6999 yuan accounted for 8.18 percent, an increase of 3.99%; 7000-7999 element representing 4.42%, an increase of 2.61%; 0.5% 8,000 yuan, an increase of 0.02%.

   3000-5999 yuan middle price range, there fell. 3000-3999 yuan accounted for the highest price range, but the largest decline, consumer perception of the water purifier or change.

   market growth trends appear poles, 1000-2999 yuan low price has a higher up, more than 6,000 yuan high price also has a rose.

   A.O. Smith and beauty brands have two heads higher up, or users tend to buy large brand related products. With the increased demand for health, consumers tend to buy water purifiers, but for water purification products, some consumers understand the limited, choose to buy the big brands are theoretically safer. However, as consumers understand the gradual deepening of understanding for their needs, the situation may change.

   consumption trends appear poles, nail technology think, related to consumer awareness. In the end product still accounted for the major share of the water purifier, but the year showed a larger decline, or on behalf of the user for showing consumer water purifier: With the popularity of water purifier, the part of the user first selects a more low-cost product realization process from scratch; some users might previously purchased water purification products, and understand, according to their needs, choose to do the upgrade.

   (Source: Nail Technology, invasion deleted)

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