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to provide customers with a lifetime guarantee water quality and service, the customer is responsible for the quality of the family, which since its inception will be open to the idea of 鈥嬧€媔nheritance so far. Recently, a special old customers call and ask staff their dictation, we can serve as an expression of his team off the heartfelt gratitude and sincere wishes for the enterprise.

   who lives in the East Guoshun Yangpu District Yip call home open to members of the Ministry of Health water quality, expressed high praise and recognition that he can split the service sector, Mr Yip evaluation team off to serve as: "open to first-class service attitude and level of service, to answer the request to replace the filter from the customer service manager Wang Weimin, Zhu Shifu to the specific requirements of the installation site service, its operating requirements do attitude from beginning to end and meet customer respect, do whatever they ask for. this customer service in the spirit is valuable, more precisely, is the source of strength to promote business development and growth. I wish to maintain open and carry forward the fine tradition already, so the competitiveness of enterprises to the next level. "

   It turned out that a few days ago Yep call to open to service companies, make an appointment for their home water purifier Gemini annual filter replacement and maintenance services. For the maintenance, Yip made two requirements: 1, on-site service time hope as far as possible in the morning; 2, barrel media products for the new barrels, to be installed after verification. Open to service our customer service department manager Wang Weimin Upon receipt of customer demand for these services, according to customer demand after the full schedule, assigning Mr Yip of services to the Zhu Huizhong team, scheduled for the morning of the second.

   service that day, Zhu Shifu class team line 2 people, such as Mr Yip came home about. They wore owned shoe covers, taking care to filter barrel product to the customers home. At this point marked with "products customers need to re-verify the installation," the text on Zhu Shifu in the hands of a single work. Therefore, the first thing we ask Mr. Ye Zhu Shifu see the product outside the box, sealing strip, bar code, after permission Yep, he was unpacked.

   In the filter barrel replacement process, because the water purifier installed in the kitchen cabinet, Mr Yip pointed out: "Try not to wet the cabinet." Zhu Shifu then carefully open the front line in the water and around the water purifier, the bottom of the cabinet are covered with a thick towel, at the same time, he also explained to the client side, said: "The water circuit split after opening, the remaining water will overflow pipe, but I have to mat towel,And so the water will drip directly on the towel, the cabinet will not get wet, your peace of mind. "

   After the filter barrel replaced, Zhu Shifu and the inside and outside with a clean towel cabinets, water purifier, water pipes connected to the respective ports are thin wipe. Also ask about and explained Mr. Xiang Ye water purification filter alarm owners use the function, using the details of precautions, did not forget the media before leaving the barrel outside the box, seals and other debris are tidy, clean the floor.

   the entire service process, Zhu Shifu team consummate skill and patience and meticulous service details, was deeply moved by Mr Yip. and this is actually Zhu Shifu team has always maintained the standard of service, it is also open to the entire service team always adhere to the service concept .

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