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   recalled last week, Jiangsu Province Bureau of Quality Supervision checks 31 batches of water purification products, with a pass rate of 74.2%; cloud water machine was to become a new economic growth point networking technology water purification industry was ......

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寰瘎鏈夋枡 Jiangsu Province, checks the water purifier pass rate of 74.2%

   It is understood that the second quarter of 2018, commissioned by Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of quality supervision Lianyungang quality inspection center for product quality water purifier for the supervision checks, a total sample batches of products 31, 23 batch pass, a pass rate of 74.2%.







   micro-assessment: The quality is closely related to peoples health drinking water quality, and growing household water purifier favored, water purifier brand more and more regular checks play an important role in regulating and monitoring the safety of drinking water public water purifier industry.


was cloud water machine industry into a new economic growth point

   From the beginning of 2013, the domestic water purifier market annual growth rate of more than 50%, carefully observe the industry data in recent years, can see, the water purifier after conditioning television refrigerator, home users is becoming an essential home appliances. In my country, home water purifier at an alarming rate in recent years, but also suffered a bottleneck. In the next few years, smart home water purifier water purifier will become the market leading products. Matter cloud water machine technology is currently the safest water treatment technology, the next 20 years, more healthy, more convenient and economical solution for drinking water. It was cloud water, smart things together, a key intelligent control.




   micro-assessment: the future has come, but not yet popular, cloud water machine was described as a "riding the wind artificial intelligence, AI era standing business on the cusp .

   Lecture commercial water purification marketing salon come to an end

   in July, following the vitality of spring, autumn and contains mature, show Dousou stirring the spirit of summer . July 18, by the age of drinking water all media, net-linking, Zhang will study jointly sponsored the "enabling, link sharing" as the theme of the Lecture Room, water purification industry chain summit and commercial water purification marketing salon grand opening in Shenyang passenger NATO Grand Metropark hotel.




   micro-assessment: The Summit is gathered water industry experts, a large coffee to discuss business trends have clean water, to promote the prosperity and development of the water purifier market is of great significance.

   2018 Ho Chak Group Limited-1000 business summit held smoothly

   July 21, in order to "gather potential counterparts, total business net community" as the theme of the 2018 Ho Chak Group Limited-1000 business summit Jiaxing, Zhejiang opening. The face of fast-growing water purifier market, Mr. Ho Chak Group founder, chairman, president Xiao said at the summit or thousands of suppliers, reiterated the Groups development strategy, noting Ho Chak is a weather service solutions to provide safe drinking water providers. Safe drinking water around the clock service, Ho Chak Group, a strategic ground of things from multiple dimensions and service system.




   micro-assessment: In the era of consumption upgrade, to serve as the representative of a variety of soft power has become a business in the market rattling in the goals weapon, ho Chak achieved this weapon.

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