Three major development challenges across the water purifica

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   In recent years, water pollution problems of growing, more and more residents of the importance of safe drinking water, but the water quality improvement takes time, but the demand for healthy drinking water is getting bigger, which further development has brought new opportunities to the water purifier market. Now domestic water purifier market has entered a "brand dispute" stage, but the standard water purifier has been slow to build up, the market remains out of order, not slightly hey, the water purification industry to obtain long-term development, we must learn across the three major development challenges.




across the three major development challenges water purification industry will have a long-term development (Photo from Internet)

   a technology: security guards life engineering [123 ]

   of the water purifier after nearly 30 years of development, it has experienced from abroad to imitate and then to the three major stages of development of its own brand period, however, the field of technical innovation there are few results. According to statistics, an independent research and development capabilities and core technology is only about 5%, compared with foreign countries, a far cry from the data.

   water purification as "life project", if there is no guarantee the technology, not only from the effect of clean water, it will cause secondary pollution of drinking water. Currently on the market most of the filtration system needs to be changed regularly, PP cotton, filter film filter device to become the core component, once the quality problems, "black core" will be more of a threat to human health.

   two sale: restrict coverage last hurdle

   water pollution problems our country intensified, the residents safety of drinking water without delay, and to improve the water quality is a long process, which further urging hot development of water purification market. Domestic water purifier market frequently get "quantity" breakthrough, however, is the development of the water industry in Disorder brutal development, the future, the water industry to achieve a new leap forward, we must think and breakthrough three major problems.

  , three standards: no rules no standards

   At present, large and small, domestic water purifier manufacturers over 4000, the annual output reached 80 million units, sales reached more than 30 million units, but this behind the vast amounts of data, but hides a huge security risk. Local standards, corporate standards, industry standards, foreign standards and other standards confusion, lack of a unified set of standards development of the industry, resulting in a false hype, products of varying quality and other abnormal phenomena.

  Future, to develop a unified standard water purification industry will become more urgent. In the future the growing popularity of water purifiers, water purifiers to maintain the annual growth rate of more than 40% growth, such as the water industry is not "self-purification", the industry will remain difficult to achieve substantial development.

   water purifier is a long-term project, the installation is at home, not only quality assurance, after-sales is also one of the main problems facing the future. Sale can not keep up, the consumers home water purifier only can not protect health, but also a source of contamination.

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