The survey found that drinking bottled water every daworryg

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   Into May, the weather gradually warming up, the bottled water market is slowly warmed. But in the process of drinking bottled water, some consumers also found from a number of problems, some bottled water buckets because of the long time use, appear yellowish barrel body wear, low transparency and the barrel body of writing has been blurred And other issues. Does that have an impact on human use of such water bottled water? The bottled water buckets Is there a time limit to use it?

   Recently, the reporter interviewed several people are ordering bottled water. Mr. Du, who lives in Haicheng, said: "By the summer, because bottled water is more convenient and affordable, I almost always drink because the family has children, so I will take note of bottled water production date although sometimes the bucket compared. old, but the production date as long as the water is no problem, I usually do not pay attention. "

   changing the water is water stations Ms. Wang told reporters:." Whether at home or in the unit, I almost always drink bottled water, most of them are no problem. just once, after a drink of fresh water just for the employees of our office are more or less emerged diarrhea situation, I went to see the production date, water is two days of, no problem, but the barrels are older, the production date is 2011, after that, I started to pay attention barrels a bucket. "

   subsequently, the reporter interviewed the Binzhou Wo Long water Co., Ltd. Li, general manager with the forest, he said, for bottled water bucket useful life, the state has not clearly defined, general formal buckets are food grade barrels PC, but also in terms of cleaning has certain requirements.

   "bottled water and buckets of water quality go hand in hand, if there is a failure which will cause some impact on customers health." Lee said with the forest, "in terms of clean recycling buckets, we have a very strict procedures, whether disinfection or cleaning has specialized equipment and personnel responsible for, or buckets used for more than three years there has been exposure, cracking and other problems will be eliminated. this year we have just introduced a new cleaning equipment, spent more than 20 million, every year a lot of money invested in clean buckets that regard. "

   an industry source told reporters water industry, bottled water bucket cleaning process is not simple, including disinfection, external cleaning, barrel cleaning and other steps, regular cleaning is still relatively aquatic attention, but now the bottled water market was chaotic, XuHow small workshops are not up to standards of cleanliness, or even non-compliance in terms of qualifications, in order to save money will reduce cleaning costs, even without washing directly secondary use.

   Reporters remind the public to pay attention to the date of manufacture and the surface of the bucket when buying bottled water, pay attention to see buckets of material, not to seek cheaper to buy bottled water, non-compliance.

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