TV set also pay attention to feng shui your home put on yet

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   Although computers, flat-panel TV in gradually replace function, but we will still buy a TV at home, it is still an essential item in our lives, my family spent a lot of time. But you know what? TV placed in the gas field affects the feng shui bedroom oh. So, some of the TV display needs to pay attention to what it?


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   1, the TV should not go five elements are fire grams of gold

   TV five elements are fire, heat emitted during work status changes with the size of the TV screen changes, the more heat is also larger TV many. This heat accumulation is easy to cause movement of household gas flow, thereby changing the feng shui bedroom, so you can put the TV at home feng shui hi fire, the orientation should not be placed in a gold pattern caused by fire grams of gold, for example, Qian Gua and against the position, otherwise the gas field will be man of the house or the little girls disadvantage. Recommend the best TV in a well ventilated, easy to place the heat of, to minimize the formation of large impact TV Feng Shui.

   2, the position of the TV owner advised binding Five Xiji furnishings

   TV, to which the owner of the five elements required, will sit on top of the five elements, the layout is desirable Feng Shui . For example, wood-owner, then the TV is located in the West is best, the owner watching television, sitting east to west. Because the East is a wood, wood-man sitting watching TV is wood orientation, is the ideal wind water level, and the five elements Xijin person should be sitting in the living room of the West, it will be placed in the living room TV East.

   3 bedroom TV before going to bed put a cloth covering

   the pattern of the modern home, the bedroom area is generally not great, put a TV in a dozen square meters of space, TV the screen is like a mirror, reflecting off I will have the role. This situation is like a mirror, it will have a negative impact on feng shui. And put the TV on the bed, long-term effect will make people sleep in the bed of jittery mood, lack of energy, but also easily lead to Taohua Jie. Usually the TV before going to bed is recommended to cover with a cloth, then uncover while watching TV, can be relatively effectively avoided.

   4, the TV should not be placed in the fleeting fierce bits

   In general, bit fierce fleeting Static not dynamic, the TV should not be placed in position fierce fleeting, comprisingTwo black and five yellow stars disease bane. Placed in fierce bit will make its fierce resistance to proliferation, the house is not conducive to the overall operation. If you can, please note unlucky to temporary positions per year, or once was two black five yellow star falls, it may also be moved to the full set of audio and video combination of Gigabit fleeting, so we can achieve good fortune effect, to 2015 Yi Wei Year of the Goat, the two black star disease site located in the southeast, five yellow bane located due west.

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