Why when the renovation to install whole houseater purifiers

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   Since the water purification products to every family, can be described scored grace in many household appliances! Has grown to more than just installing a home water purifier drinking straight so simple, more and more the people in the home decoration of the time chose to install whole house water purification system. Although the market for whole house water purification of publicity so hot, many people still can not understand why the decoration to install whole house water purifiers?

   1, whole house water purification system is not necessarily foreign brands than domestic net good water heater brand. Foreign and domestic water quality and the environment are not the same, water purification consumer awareness are not the same, so the original import of whole house water purification system is not necessarily better than domestic brands, Europe and better water quality, combined with a generally pre-purchased, central other end purification fewer species, less filtering stages, do not meet the requirements of domestic water purifier.


   2, service the whole house water purification system. Even the best brands can not guarantee will never go wrong, so choose a good after-sales service system, the company is very important. And now the water industry is a bit confusing, there have been many baskets companies to buy the company in such a sale not be guaranteed, so choose carefully when buying whole house water purification system. The best choice so long as there are hot and cold water lines Shayi raw Service design experience, its own construction team, a professional designer, there are a number of water purification company facade.

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   3, whole house water purification system of the product itself. For example, the amount of water, whether it is the same brand of the same features, or different brands of the same features of the product, due to the volume size, design or other reasons may be different out of water, small family size can select a smaller population, large quantities of water on You should choose a large amount of water points. For example, the area is also home to set aside enough installation. Therefore, the best time in the decoration on the installation of water purifiers, reserved under the space, power, etc., in order to save cost and aesthetics, it is recommended in the newly renovated chose to install whole house water purification system.

   4, purchasers own needs. Purchase whole house water purification system, it should be clear what he wants, to understand the function of each section of water purification products, combined with their own needs and then choose the right products. Autran such a dual water machine can simultaneously clean water and pure water, and pure water only the pure water, pure tea, coffee, hot milk taste better, because the water contains only pure water molecules, it is not suitable for growing children long-term drinking, you can buy a house personnel decisions basedPure water or aqueous two-machine; if the home is more populous, large water, you should choose a relatively large amount of water purifier; if the home is in the north or limestone areas, hard water, so it did not compare water quality hard areas should choose select water softeners, skin protection and sanitary ware.

   5, many private companies can order products, make sure to choose a reliable child Oh!

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